Sexuality is an important part of health and well-being. Sexual behavior modifies as pregnancy progresses.

The sexual satisfaction of women decreases during the first trimester of pregnancy. This situation improves in the later stages of pregnancy - after the adaptation stage. At the end of pregnancy and right after giving a birth, however, the sexual life of both partners becomes "blocked" once again.

So it is even more important to take care of yours and your partner’s sexuality.

How to prepare the body for pregnancy?

How to regain the physical condition, beautiful silhouette and sexual satisfaction after pregnancy?

About half of pregnant women suffers from urinary incontinence.

It has long been known that the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles) training is a safe and effective remedy. It just has to be done 2-3 times per week!

Other important pieces of advice are to avoid smoking, obesity and constipation during pregnancy...

The recent scientific studies have proven that the time before pregnancy is also extremely important. It is the time when the pelvic floor muscles have to be trained not only to facilitate childbirth but also to avoid serious incidents of urinary incontinence during pregnancy and after it.

PROJECT ANDROS Pregnancy Workout is the only training program in the world that allows to train pelvic floor muscles, erectile/potency muscles and other muscle groups with the use of a SINGLE, specially designed training machine.

Another great and unique feature is the fact that every woman can perform PROJECT ANDROS Pregnancy Workout together with her partner. And it is beneficial to both persons!!!

And it can be done at your own house!

The regular training of pelvic floor ("Kegel") muscles and the activation of erectile/potency muscles during a sexual intercourse will have beneficial effects not only on urinary incontinence, stronger pelvis and facilitated birth but it will also improve the sexual satisfaction of both partners.

PROJECT ANDROS Pregnancy Workout prepares your body for pregnancy, helps to regain quickly your beautiful silhouette and be happy with even more intensive sexual sensations after this challenging period.

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*Before you start any physical exercises during pregnancy or shortly after it, be sure to visit your gynecologist and health practitioner in order to tailor the training to your current physical condition.